Yearly: 2007

Here Comes Another Tech Bubble

Quite hilarious music video. A parody of the current state of the online startup industry.

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Domainer’s Choice Awards

The Domainers Choice Awards is underway and taking votes! Top three choices in each category will be in the final round of voting starting on December 16th, 2007.

DotSauce Nominated…

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Must Have App For Saving Time With Repetitive Text

Texter is free a Windows based program that allows you to create shortcut keywords and keystrokes that will instantly output a stored blurb of text such as an email address…

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Video Mashup by DJ CB Shaw

I discovered this innovative music video while cruising the web. DJ Shaw has incorporated segments of movies, popular music videos, internet viral videos and blends these great visuals with…

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Mixx Takes a Quick Nap

Earlier today, while visiting one of my favorite social news sharing websites, I was greeted with this cute little picture. Apparently they had been working hard all morning!


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I Shot the Internets! is not only a search engine, but plays host to one of the coolest pieces of web technology for bloggers and web developers of all kinds. Their SnapShots…

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Paradise 2.0

Across the vast and frightening sea,

Is a civilization of future technology.

Their beaches lined with crystal orbs,

Networked homes with intelligent doors,

Organic fruits, thatched roofs, stone floors.

Invisible streams of data…

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The Future of Digital Media

Quite an interesting video about the possible future of the internet, society and the media. I stumbled across this video originally while reading Nate Whitehill’s blog.

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MusicMesh Instant Music Search

MusicMesh is an amazing AJAX powered web application for finding albums, songs, lyrics, info and most importantly YouTube videos pop up and play on the fly.

My cousin tossed me this…

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Some Incredible Eye Candy

Smashing Magazine just recently published a list of Masters of Illustration. These fascinating images are by some of today’s most talented graphic artists and illustratots. I have seen some of…

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Visit for your Blog of the Day!

This is my latest live development project. is a blog about blogs. My goal is to find the time to feature an interesting new blog everyday from…

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Looking Back on July

July was quite an eventful month for me, mainly online that is. Having invested so much time in domaining and web development I haven’t had much thrills in the world…

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Time for a Fresh Blog Design and some updates!

I have updated the Wordpress theme for my blog to this stylish 3-column cool blue layout. I am still in the progress of hacking it up for new addons and…

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Justice Music Video – “D.A.N.C.E.”

Amazingly well designed and edited video for some fresh electronic music.

The creation of Parisian electronic masterminds Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, Justice first implanted their pogo-inducing sound in last…

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How to use Google to find Quality Music Files

This is a really cool trick to find mp3’s direct from your browser.

Skip the viruses, slow downloads, poor quality and hassle of P2P software.

Create a NEW bookmark in your browser,…

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Kevin Ham, domainer article on CNN Money

This in depth article/biography on CNN Money is getting alot of hype in the Domain Industry; Kevin Ham, the $300 million master of web domains.

Interesting insight into the history of…

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DotSauce gets Buzzed on FeedBurner!

The Buzz Blog is a listing of websites who publish their RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds through FeedBurner (Hundreds of thousands of blogs, podcasts and news publishers of all types).…

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Domain Name Investments

I have always been interested in domaining (buying and selling .com names). In the past I kept a portfolio and successfully sold a few domains. Since having launched my online…

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IconBuffet “Earn my Tokens” Photoshop Contest

This contest is setup for Iconbuffet, a free icon exchange website. Members can earn the right to deliver sets to me by photoshopping some icons into an image! …

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Keeping busy with dev projects

I have been focusing most of my time on writing articles and promoting my new domain name industry magazine, Currently have a little more than 30 subscribers to my…

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