Monthly: July 2010

How to Get Infinitely More Follow Suggestions from Twitter

I am loving Twitter’s latest feature that pops up 3 suggestions for people to follow each time you follow someone. Unfortunately, by using the feature as is, we are limiting…

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Inc. Magazine Goes Local for Business Meccas

One of my favorite publications for entreprenuers, Inc. Magazine has just launched 12 local sections for major business hubs around the world.

Each city’s local section has 5 featured articles, sub-categories of local…

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10 Tools & Resources for Researching .CO Domains

The .CO launch is going very well. CoInternet is now reporting over 279,000 domains claimed in just 2 days. For more details on the launch, read my article on DotSauce.


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The Only Person Earning Big Money On .CO Right Now

The public landrush for .CO domain names is just 2 days away. The only person that’s been making money thus far (aside from the registrars) has been Andrew Allemann of… Read more

The public landrush for .CO domain names is just 2 days away. The only person that’s been making money thus far (aside from the registrars) has been Andrew Allemann of…

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Blogging Tool: Aspect Ratio Calculator for Perfect Videos and Images

I find myself using this aspect ratio calculator all the time. It is especially useful when embedding videos within blog posts to get the dimensions just right.

Simply type in the…

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What Is Social Media Today?

Excellent presentation updated with current stats and concepts of social media today.

I recommend you use Menu > Fullscreen option.

Skip to slide #30 if you already know social media is huge.…

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Free Backupify Premium Accounts (5 Invites, Hurry!)

I have 5 invites to a great new web service called Backupify.

I’ve been using Backupify for awhile to back up ALL my content on Facebook, GMail, Twitter, and WordPress blogs.…

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Converse Domaination: Innovative AdWords Campaign

Converse is taking advantage of low or no competition search keywords by researching Google Zietgiest and Trends.

They have built a network of specialized odd-ball sites that ultimately lead back to…

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So You Think You Have A Competitive Advantage

Jason Cohen (a smart bear) recently reviewed 150 startup pitches for an event called Capital Factory.

Jason plans to share his thoughts on certain patterns that emerged during the review in…

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Interactive Social Media Survey

Developed by Global Web Index and featured today on Mashable
Writing for fellow web workers, I’ve found my readers are generally early adopters and very active on social media, reading the news and…

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Epic Win To-Do List iPhone App

Update Aug 19: EpicWin is available today in the iTunes App Store.

This is the coolest, useful app I have ever seen. Yes, Epic Win will soon be found all over…

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Google Me Will Challenge Facebook With Social Groups

I have been sharing a few articles with my Twitter following about Google Me, a social network that is in development by Google. The rumors have been confirmed, Google has…

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Microsoft Introduces WebMatrix Beta for Windows

Microsoft has introduced WebMatrix Beta. It looks to be an overhauled imagining of Frontpage, updated for today’s standards.

Website management is starting to get a bit overwhelming for beginners. There are…

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Link Directories Making A Comeback

I’ve just received word from the PHPLD team that a new version is nearing completion. I may do a formal announcement on DotSauce when it is officially released and I get…

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