Category: Poetry

Failing Light, Warm Night

In my travels around the island,

one thing seemed to linger upon the air,

was it a failing light or heart rend?

The question did, my mind, ensnare.


For though the failing light descends,


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Paradise 2.0

Across the vast and frightening sea,

Is a civilization of future technology.

Their beaches lined with crystal orbs,

Networked homes with intelligent doors,

Organic fruits, thatched roofs, stone floors.

Invisible streams of data…

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“Fire Starters”

They are the fire starters.
Catch a glimpse and stare.
For desire we die as martyrs.
Curious eyes burn in despair.

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“Night Fall”

Evening slipped beyond the hills.
The stars invaded the clear blue sky.
The sounds of the coming night were filled.
The mice did scurry, screech owl cry.

The deer dashed as the stars sparked.

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