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Domain Name Investments - Mark Fulton


Domain Name Investments

I have always been interested in domaining (buying and selling .com names). In the past I kept a portfolio and successfully sold a few domains. Since having launched my online domain name magazine, DotSauce, I have started to become more involved in the domain industry again.

I just published an article on DotSauce:
10 Tips for Investing in Domains, please give it a read!

Marketing DotSauce has me actively writing articles on domain industry news and resources for domain investors nearly every day. Researching many many domaining communities, forums and domain enthusiast blogs has encouraged me to start registering, selling and developing quality names.

Yesterday, I registered the name GradeLive.com for about $9. The intended concept is hopefully apparent as an educational resource for students, teachers and parents. If you think ahead and try to imagine how education will function in the future, it is fairly apparent that more and more classrooms will be moving towards the web. I will most likely hold on to this domain for awhile before attempting to sell it for a minimum of several hundred dollars.

I found this name about a month ago on a pending delete list (someone let the name expire), this name was just one of several hundreds that were expiring on a specific day I was browsing. It is not easy to find quality names to invest in. If you want to get involved in domain investments, feel free to drop me a line with any questions you might have. I also recommend that you check out the NamePros forum for a wealth of information as well as my domain name magazine.

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