Domainer’s Choice Awards

The Domainers Choice Awards is underway and taking votes! Top three choices in each category will be in the final round of voting starting on December 16th, 2007.

DotSauce Nominated for Best Domain Publication!

My flagship website DotSauce Domain News has been nominated for Best Domain Publication. Please submit your vote for me at the Domainers Choice Awards polls towards the page bottom or do a find text search for “

Your support is greatly appreciated! Special thanks to whomever originally nominated DotSauce!

Other Domain Industry Award Categories

  • Domain Ambassador Award
  • Best Industry Spokesperson
  • Industry Achievement Award
  • Industry Trade Association
  • Industry Customer Service Rep
  • Parking Company Award
  • Best Domain Auctions
  • Best Domain Marketplace
  • Best Hosting Company
  • Best Domainers Blog
  • Best Registrar Award
  • Domainers Rising Star
  • Best Domainer Tools

This is a great opportunity to show some love back to the domain industry professionals that work hard to make our lives easier and more profitable. Today the individuals, companies and resources that have spawned from the Domain Industry are amazingly advanced from former years. It is an exciting time to be a Domainer!

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