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Keeping busy with dev projects - Mark Fulton


Keeping busy with dev projects

I have been focusing most of my time on writing articles and promoting my new domain name industry magazine, DotSauce.com. Currently have a little more than 30 subscribers to my feed and more than 100 unique visitors per day. Having only been live for less than a week I’d say it is off to a good start! I am getting positive feedback for the most part, but I am always open to constructive criticism. Please check out DotSauce and let me know what you think. Subscribe to the domain news RSS feed if you are on the go.

Epidemix.com — my music directory — is still blossoming and getting incoming links everyday, in the latest Google page ranking push this domain went from PR-0 to PR-4, quite a jump, which proves alot of profiles are linking to the directory. I also extended the listing offer to musicians and bands on VIRB, a new (better) social network. Epidemix on MySpace has over 3400 bands approved as friends!

Jactionville.com an online community for my home city of Jacksonville, NC has been growing steadily. There has not been as much activity on the discussion forums as I would have hoped, but the site is generating alot of visitors with over 400 uniques per day. I have been distributing flyers locally (feel free to print PDF flyer), but am looking for more ways to advertise the site on a larger scale. I would like to form partnerships with local organizations & businesses to exchange advertising. There is alot of work to be done in development for Jactionville.com. My ultimate goal is for the site to become symbiont with the city, the #1 source for local discussion and local resources online.

See my Current Projects page for more links and details into my development work online.

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