Keeping Busy with DotSauce Magazine

I have been dedicating 110% of my time to my flagship website DotSauce Magazine. Things have picked up tremendously in December. I am having alot of fun maintaining my web based magazine.

Here is a brief update on recent happenings with regards to my web development projects.

Sexy logo, huh? Shout out to Hive Designs

  1. Revamped DotSauce with new design, logo and vBulletin domain forums community.
  2. Featured in the Jacksonville Daily Newspaper Dec 26th
  3. DotSauce now has 500+ RSS subscribers.
  4. Advertising opportunities and paid premium subscriptions launched, which feature exclusive content and expired domain lists for domainers.
  5. Exciting new project targeted at the domaining community launching soon.
  6. Raising capital for web development projects in my latest domain name sale.
  7. Relaunching (Blog of the Day), and will hopefully have time to keep it fresh.

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