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Link Directories Making A Comeback - Mark Fulton


Link Directories Making A Comeback

I’ve just received word from the PHPLD team that a new version is nearing completion. I may do a formal announcement on DotSauce when it is officially released and I get a chance to take a look at new features and updates.

The latest word from PHPLD:

The next version of phpLD is just about ready. We’ll be making some formal announcements soon, but if you are interested in learning a little about it beforehand, we have some threads going in the supporters forum, and also it is possible to test the beta. Feel free to stop by the supporters forum if you want to find out more.

We also want to remind you that Google approves of directory submissions as a method for building links to a website. They don’t care for directories that lack quality, and accept anything, but if you are taking care to produce a quality directory, Google approves!

Last but not least, we have a new product coming out soon called Link Blocks. It complements phpLD. It’s a CMS that uses phpLD widgets, with full drag and drop capabilities, and allows users to have their own pages. It’s just about ready, and we’ll send you the information soon. We’ll be sure to make it very affordable for new users.

There are a couple of other product announcements and enhancements coming soon as well. We’ve been working continuously all year, and things are really starting to pickup pace. We continue to make phpLD more valuable to you as time passes, so that your purchase with us will be something that always has value. We hope you will find that phpLD is a product that keeps on giving, and we have much more to give this year!

Best Wishes,
phpLD Team

Little has been revealed, but it sounds very promising. I am always pleased to see solid business solutions and applications innovating. Drag and drop CMS? Yes please!

It’s important for PHPLD to stay on top of the latest design and usability standards. It’s also great to see when they take advantage of social networking integration which can provide a needed boost in site traffic.

Stay tuned for the future of web directories.

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