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Looking Back on July - Mark Fulton


Looking Back on July

July was quite an eventful month for me, mainly online that is. Having invested so much time in domaining and web development I haven’t had much thrills in the world away from my monitor. Though I did find some time to glimpse some stray fireworks, see a few movies, play some Morrowind: Oblivion and wander about some local bars with friends.

I have sold numerous domain names and websites in the past few weeks. my current list of domains is outdated and I haven’t even found time to update my newer domains portfolio script. Lots of new purchases and sales, woohoo!

The website mentioned in my previous post (VidVoter.com) was the subject of my first ever fraudulent purchase from me by some chump in Australia. Lesson learned, thanks for stealing my domain and website mate! I have since also learned that PayPal provides no assistance for intangible item sales, so the risk is there each time I sell a domain–exciting.

Here is an update on my latest projects

  • fl*rt.com (Read: “Flirt,” A news sharing website for Women)
  • SurfersHQ.com (Surfer’s Headquarters, a site for sharing Surfing Videos)
  • VidBallot.com (Video Ballot, a site for sharing Political Videos)
  • PHPmod.com (Mod downloads for popular PHP scripts)

Now that wasn’t so bad and felt rather good to get some things archived in my life online. Sorry for the slow month of July, I hope to pick things up in August. I have been slacking with articles on DotSauce Domain Magazine as well, but I have managed to get a few published.

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