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MagWerk's Interactive Online Magazines - Mark Fulton


MagWerk’s Interactive Online Magazines

MagWerk has virtually published a line of high quality web zines posing as real flip page magazines. Currently featuring a magazine on each of the following: Music, Gaming, Art & Design, Art & Fashion.

These magazines are, in certain sections, very interactive and media rich with things such as sound clips and music while you read, animation, in-page link structures, pagination within pages , interactive graphics on mouse-over and click, live voting polls, embedded videos and who knows what else. Personally, I haven’t even read but a few pages from each magazine, so I assume there are much more surprises in the form of articles, reviews and more.

Enjoy these 4 high quality virtual magazines, we can only hope that all magazine publishers would someday try their hand and something as interactive and media rich as this!

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