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"Night Fall" - Mark Fulton


“Night Fall”

Evening slipped beyond the hills.
The stars invaded the clear blue sky.
The sounds of the coming night were filled.
The mice did scurry, screech owl cry.

The deer dashed as the stars sparked.
In awhile the fox would come near.
Now he waits as bugles harked.
While the shadows disappear.

Many days come quick then go.
With the bright sun beating down.
Yet, night is king and it will show-
The moon disserves the crown.

And all was calm in the night.
Many chatter, scurry and skit.
Still the darkness eased in spite.
While they live they will not quit.

Life comes to be by the forest edge.
The battles still wage on.
In the shrubs and past the hedge.
It lingers, lonely, like the faun.

The day is dull as the animals know.
And the wind is always right.
In the day it doesn’t blow-
As nice as in the night.

© 2006 Mark Fulton

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  • CoronaQueen October 23, 2008 at 4:12 am

    Was just headed to bed after a long day of endless wrestling with writing and decided to look in on Tweets before succumbing to the Sandman. Your Tweet caught my eye and here I am bathing in the darkness you created.

    What a blissful sleep I will have after reading this.

    “In the day it doesn’t blow-
    As nice as in the night.”

    Thanks for the pre-dream imagery,

    I will be sure to visit often…

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