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TweetDeck Pro Tips - Filtering - Mark Fulton


TweetDeck Pro Tips – Filtering

Sharing great links and answering questions on Twitter is a great way to get lots of new followers and some good street cred.  Below are some tips to help you do just that.

TweetDeck is a wildly popular and free Adobe Air Twitter client that has loads of great features.

Filtering Your Friend’s Tweets

One of the best features of TweetDeck is the ability to filter tweets you see.  Basically an on-the-fly search.  This is especially helpful if you are following hundreds or thousands of people.

Filter is the first button at the bottom of each TweetDeck column.

Here are some ideas of ways you can use TweetDeck filtering.

  1. http – Type this in to find only Tweets that contain a link to a website.  This helps you find good content to ReTweet.
  2. ? – Type in a question mark in your filter box to quickly find questions people are asking, helping others is a great way to build relationships and get noticed, re-tweeted and probably mentioned in Follow Friday!
  3. RT @ – Find tweets that have been re-tweeted, this is a sure fire way to find quality content to share as it’s already been deemed worthy enough for an initial ReTweet.
  4. Twitter – Type in keywords like “twitter,” “design,” “domains” or whatever industry terms you like to find Tweets on your subject of interest to share.

Have any other TweetDeck tips? Please leave a comment and share!

Want to hear more tips for getting the most of TweetDeck? Let me know.

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