New Twitter App Gets It Right For Saving Links to Delicious

I’m a big fan of for both saving my own favorite links and discovering the latest and most popular content on the web.

I have tried using FriendFeed and have lately been using to automatically save all the links I share on Twitter (@DotSauce) to my Delicious account (and several other networks).

This process hasn’t worked out exactly how I would like it to, until now.

A new Twitter app has launched called that passively saves the links you share on Twitter to your Delicious account. It also has more functionality than has previously been available.

Some key features I have been looking forward to!

  • Expand short URLs and save the original URL
  • Add tags to your bookmarks by using hashtags
  • Selectively save links using a specific hashtag

Now if I could only get everyone who tweets my articles to start using I’ll be featured on the coveted popular links page in no time!

Wishful thinking aside, I definitely recommend you start using if you share links on Twitter. It’s great to have that personal archive and peace of mind knowing your links are stored permanently.

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