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Directory of Best Twitter Apps and Resources - Mark Fulton


Directory of Best Twitter Apps and Resources

I’ve been working on expanding the TweetSocial community site lately and have just released what I think will be an invaluable resource for lots of Twitter users.

A fully featured Twitter Directory!

The goal of the TweetSocial Twitter Directory is to index all of the best Twitter web apps and tools, mashups, Twitter clients, resources and more all in one location.

Users can search and  browse the many Twitter related categories, select individual favorites, rate, comment, review and share links to the best Twitter tools and resources.

It’s free to submit links to your favorite apps!

Simply register a username at TweetSocial.

I’ve personally submitted the best apps and Twitter tools that I’ve found.  My latest project, FollowLists.com is included in the Twitter Apps category.  It is a newer app that has a few features not yet live, check it out as well.

Stay tuned to the blog for occasional updates on the directory project, TweetSocial and FollowLists!

What do you think of the resources on the Twitter Directory so far?

Your feedback and submissions to the directory are greatly appreciated! 🙂

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  • Sean Boone May 23, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    This is great man! Showed it to some new tweeps they loved it.

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